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If you're wondering where to begin . If you have found a coin collection is very confusing and do not know where to start . If you're just too busy to keep track of the information you need to start, and here is where free with a wealth of information aimed at the right people like you. Osama4Coins.net offers great content for my Bi-Metallic coins in general , and Banknotes to Libya in particular.

Feel free to explore its contents and do not hesitate to let us know what you think of the site. We read every email we receive one we are working on the complaints and suggestions of your own. As a matter of fact , we take pride in the implementation of the proposed features of our users , and quite a few of the services is a direct result of your thoughts !

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Bi & Tri-Metallic coins

Help me complete my collection of bi & tri-metallic coins

On this page you find all the countries that issued bimetallic coins, but some countries I couldn't get their Bi & Tri-Metallic coins, So you can help me to complete my collection for these countries.



Some sources, pages and Web sites that helped design my site from Maps, catalog, flags and other.

Need it!

If you are a collector or dealer and can help with this list, it would be greatly appreciated.

My favorite Sites

Some good websites I visit to see all the new coins and read the information about them.

Date Converter

The Hijri/Gregorian date converter can be used to convert a Gregorian date into a Hijri date and can also be used to convert a Hijri date to a Gregorian date.

How to grade coins?

The condition of the coin is one of the most important criterion that defines its collector value.

Rarity Guide

When possible, we indicate the rarity of an item in the description. We use the following system to designate rarity: